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 How To GPD Mod

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PostSubject: How To GPD Mod   How To GPD Mod I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 15, 2012 6:58 pm

What You Will Need:
Xbox 360
Flash Drive

First off, You need to have your account on your Flash Drive.
Plug The Flash Drive into Your PC
When in the PC Open Up USBXTAFXPlORER.
How To GPD Mod 4ad4b56e4c626e373850957954cc0ba8
Click File>Open Device
Keep Opening Each Folder You See Until You Cant Go Any More.
Right Click it and Hit Extract.
Extract To a Handy Location.

Then Open Up Modio.
Drag the Recently Extracted File In Modio and it Should Look like This.
How To GPD Mod E52fb4936477a7caa89d575d3f865b5d
Click The Contents Tab in Modio.
You Should See your .GPD Files.
Now it Time For the modding.
Search google For Ex (Cod4 Modded GPDs Or Black Ops Modded GPDs)
Download Which ever One You Choose.
Save it to a Handy Location.
Back to Modio.
Look at the Recently downloaded GPD and Notice the filename.
Look in the Contents of your profile and replace the one with the same name as the one you downloaded.
Select your modded gpd that you recently downloaded.
once finished, Leave the contents and Click Rehash and Resign.

Open Up USB Xplorer again.
Click all down the folders as before.
When you get to the file, this time delete it and drag in the one you extracted earlier.
Then Your Done!
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How To GPD Mod
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