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PostSubject: Warfront Booter   Warfront Booter I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 9:21 pm

Warfront Booter v2 (81) Public Shells Included.
Coded by: WhereistheLovE

Warfront Booter Wf1

This is a .Net program that uses DoS Shells to dos an ip. What makes this booter different from the rest is that; First of all you have a Shells.txt file were you can manage, add or remove your own Dos Shells.
Second feature is that this will load all shells first and once they have all been loaded they will all hit at once instead of the conventional way of having a slow php or program going threw the list 1 by 1 enabling each one.
This makes for a much more powerful attack with less shells.

How to add your own Shells:
-Add Shells 1 by 1
-Add Shells by Text File

*This program comes with 81 working "PUBLIC" Shells, this can drop any ones internet and small websites, this will also drop XBL with ease. Keep in mind the shells that come with the booter are public and may not work all the time and can go down.
*Latest Version of .NET Framework is required.
*This will only work with red shells. Example Shell Link:
*When you start the program up or initiate a boot this will create pop ups from your default browser if you are using public shells with advertisement on them or anything like that. To solve this issue use only shells without advertisement or use private shells only.

How do I get my own shells to add?:
-Type this in google search or a bing search "PHP DoS, Coded by"
-Upload your own shells to websites.
-Buy shells from the marketplace here at hackforums.

Virus Total:

Please be sure to scan the .exe with your antivirus and also upload to any sites you trust like Please do this with all downloads you may find on hackforums before running any executable files.
Download Update: Removed a harmful shell in the list. Also added +23 Working shells without advertisement.

Hope you enjoy:
I hope you guys enjoy this and put it to good work, havent seen any booters on here that will allow you to add your own shells, so I thought id release mine and my buddies private booter we made.

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Warfront Booter
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