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 List of Wii Programs and Tools

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PostSubject: List of Wii Programs and Tools   Sun Jan 15, 2012 6:20 pm

Trucha Bug Restorers
-Ios 236 Installer V5
-Multi Mod Manager

ciOS and CMiOS Installers
-CiOS Installer Xr21
-Hermes CiOS Installer V5.1
-CiOS Uninstaller V1
-cMiOS Installer Rev5
-MiOS Patcher 0.2

Loaders and Boot

Disc Loaders:
-Backup Launcher 0.2

SD Loaders:
-SD Boot 0.4

USB Loaders:
-CFG Loader
-USB Loader GX

Forwarders and Custom Channels
Loadstructor-cLoader-(allows you to create game channels for your Wii to boot games via USB mass storage device.)

Backup Managers and
-WBFS Manager
-Wii Backup Manager

ISO Tools
-Wii Scrubber
-FF Viewer Legacy
-Trucha Singer 0.21
-Tlpwnzer's Syntax Checker

Brick Protection

Cheat Code Applications and Loaders
-Ocarina Cheat Code Manager
-Gecko OS

Code Generators
-(SC7E52) Name Modifier 6.10
-(SC7E52)Create a Class V1.8 (strakn)
-xXxPANCAKESxXx's Name Modifier Programs
-MW3 Name Modifier (Blitz*)

Enjoy, guys. I'll be adding updating this thread regularly. If you have any suggestions of apps/programs to be added, post them below.
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List of Wii Programs and Tools
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