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 [TUT] Skyrim Modding Everything

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PostSubject: [TUT] Skyrim Modding Everything   Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:59 pm

This video will show you how to transfer your skyrim save from xbox to pc so you can use console commands to mod whatever you want and be able to use it on the xbox

And a text tutorial:
1.In Horizon open your harddrive/flashdrive
2.Open your skyrim gamesave
3.Go to contents and extract "savegame.dat" to desktop
4.Rename "savegame.dat" to "savegame.ess"
5.Move "savegame.ess" to Skyrim saves folder (in Mygames folder)
6.Play Skyrim(PC)
7.Load the save you just added
8.Use console commands to change your stuff (the "~" key)
9.Save the game (overwrite save) Quit game
10.Move "savegame.ess" to desktop
11.Rename "savegame.ess" to "savegame.dat"
12.Right click "savegame.dat" (in Horizon) click replace
13.Choose the "savegame.dat" from your desktop
14.Cick "Save,Rehash and Resign"
15.Play Skyrim(Xbox360) Have Fun
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[TUT] Skyrim Modding Everything
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