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 How to Use Xat On PSP

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How to Use Xat On PSP Empty
PostSubject: How to Use Xat On PSP   How to Use Xat On PSP I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 10:47 pm

I am going to first direct you to everything needed.

2. Opera Mini -
3. Xat Registered Account -

That's It!

Now let's get started.

1. Register an account at if you have not already.
2. Download PSPKVM, extract it, and place it in your PSP/GAME folder.
3. Place Opera Mini .jar on the root of your memory card.
4. Run PSPKVM, this will take a few to get going.
5. Once it loads, select "System midlets", then select "Find Applications".
6. Select "Install from memory stick (ms0:/)"
7. Select the Opera Mini .jar you put on your MS earlier.
8. Select "J2ME Standard (480*272)"
9. Select "Yes" when asked to use airtime.
10. Connect to your w-lan.
11. Google search for "xat mobile login", and enter said site.
12. Input your username, password, and room you wish to join.(ex. "codeleakers" not
13. Enjoy!


There is no auto-refresh option, so you will have to hit send to see new posts.

You cannot post anything if your chat is not completely refreshed(i.e. I say "hey", then I try to send another saying "what's up"; if anyone else wrote anything my second response would not be posted).

You may get disconnected from the chat without warning(it's an issue with Opera Mini).

Maybe someone with a little programming skill can use this technique as an outline for a new homebrew. Wishful thinking.
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How to Use Xat On PSP
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