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 Nity's Mod Menu

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Nity's Mod Menu  Empty
PostSubject: Nity's Mod Menu    Nity's Mod Menu  I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 8:31 pm

What it includes:
For Everyone:
Toggle Prestige
Edit Stats (Modded or Legit)
9999999 Cod points
Unlock Pro Perks
All attachments/camos/guns bought
Killstreak Menu
Give Guns (Death Machine, Grim Reaper, Default Weapon)
Teleport Gun
UFO Mode
Toggle Visions
3rd Person
Sexy Graphics

Just Host:
See Above
Fully Functioning Player Menu
Kick All/Single Player
Kill All/Single Player
Derank and Kick All/Single Player
Derank without Kick All/Single Player
Edit Status (VIP or Normal)
Edit Player's Stats
Show Player the Rules
Fast Restart
End game
Toggle Between Public/Private Game
Freeze All
Teleport All
Shoot Care Packages
Explosive/Nuke Bullets
Timescale (Slow, fast, normal)
Spawn AI
God Mode
**Forge Mode (Aim at stuff and move around)
**No Clip (Use like your calling in a killstreak, press and hold UP to move around, turn off the same way)

God Mode

Host auto-detects
Sumper Jump
Infinite Ammo
colored scoreboard
big UAV (infection)
Always on UAV (Infection)
Modded Points per kill
Super Nova Gas
Renames Custom Class
Slight Auto-Aim Improvement
Scrolling text bar
I also removed all XP/Codpoints caps so that you will go really high on the leader board

Open the mod menu by crouching and knifing, instructions appear on the left hand side but just in case you want to study them while your here:
*UP goes up
*Down goes down
*Plus accepts

In order to get the modified stats to work, YOU MUST FAST RESTART THE GAME BEFORE ENDING IT

Host is automatically detected so no need editing the ff


I would really appreciate it if you left the copyright line in tact, yes I could have been all secretive and stuck it into another gsc but I trust you guys. I put a lot of hard work into this. Please note that this is only version 1 and I will most defiantly be releasing future versions with more stuff added and things adjusted accordingly.

Download Link: ?n9s6kd0obsgxuf8

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Nity's Mod Menu
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